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Gorelocker Fitting Machine- Gore-Max 1.5 Plus

Gorelocker fitting machine Video Demo

ISM's Gorelocker fitting machine, the Gore-Max 1.5 Plus produces fabricated fittings and fittings production. The Gore-Max 1.5 Plus is your quality, efficient and cost-effective solution to the production of welded elbows, reducers, end caps and off-sets. ISM's easy-to-operate Gore-Max 1.5 Plus provides you the power to fabricate hundreds of fittings in-house each day.

Two machines are combined into one with the Gore-Max 1.5 Plus, offering a Flanger/Swager that will flange one side of a cylindrical gore while swaging the connecting side of the next gore with the simple flip of a switch. At the opposite end, a lockseamer finalizes the operation by closing the seam into a standing rib. Operations are conducted simultaneously, increasing productivity.

The Gorelocker Gore-Max 1.5 Plus handles a variety of materials and gauges to produce standing rib diameters from 5” to 50”. Producing these airtight seals eliminates the need for painting, coating or sealing. The Gore-Max 1.5 Plus uses minimal power and floor space, and functions without slag, heat, noise, water or spark production, keeping your environment productive, safe and clean.  See also our other spiral fitting machines offered.

Gore-Max 1.5 Plus-Gorelocker Specifications
Material Thickness (galv. steel) .050" 1.25 mm
Diameter 5" - 50" 125 - 1250 mm
Power Requirements 460V/3 Ph/60Hz.

Specifications subject to change without notice

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