Fitting Machines      Circumferential Welder - Max Radial 1.2

Circumferential Welder - Max Radial 1.2

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The circumferential welder, Max Radial 1.2 is used to produce high quality welds with minimum distortion on circumferential (girth) weld joints on a wide variety of parts and part shapes. Advantages of a circumferential welding machine include high speed and accuracy.  See also our other spiral fitting machines offered.

Circumferential Welder Features

  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Variable Speed Upper Drive Wheel
  • Electronic Welding Panel synchronized control for heat, pressure, weld and cooling times.
  • A Chiller
  • Tooling for 3 and 4-segment 90◦ elbows
Max Radial 1.2 Machine Specifications
Throat Depth 17.8" 450 mm
Minimum Diameter 4" 100 mm
Upper Drive Wheel 8" 200 mm
Weld Capacity - Galvanized 18 gauge 1.2 mm
Weld Capacity - Stainless Steel 22 gauge 0.8 mm
Power Requirements 460V/3 Ph/60Hz.

Specifications subject to change without notice

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