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Stitch Tube Welder - Max-Stitch 1.0

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The MAX-STITCH 1.0 stitch tube welder from ISM Machinery is the perfect stitch welder because it maximizes your welding production output and quality by providing a controlled and consistent longitudinal weld from end to end, ensuring a remarkable weld every time. Stitch welding helps prevent heat distortion and is a cost effective solution for welding.

MAX-STITCH 1.0 Features

  • Pneumatic clamp-on roller increases machine productivity up to 30% by reducing the re-adjustment time.
  • Reinforced weld at the beginning and end of seam while welding cooler in the middle results in a stronger weld at stress points with less chance of warping in the middle of longer pieces, and reduced energy costs.
  • Copper Wire as a conductant to prevent galvanized surface from being burned off like other seam welders will.
  • Provides a constant high quality 1/4˝- 5/16˝ overlap that reduces costs compared to spot welding or riveting.
  • User-friendly with a controlled welding current for continuous or alternating welds.
  • Eliminates the need for sealing.

The MAX-STITCH 1.0 is an excellent solution for longitudinal welding of galvanized and stainless steel straight tubes and round fittings. See also our other spiral fitting machines offered.

Max-Stitch 1.0 Stitch Tube Welder Specifications
Welding Length 2” - 50”/60” 50 - 1270 mm
Diameter Range 3” - 50” 75-1000 mm
Sheet Thickness Range 0.012” - 0.040”
0.- 1.0 mm
6 - 8 mm
Welding Speed 7.5 - 40 ft./min. 3 - 12 m/min.
Copper Wire Diameter 0.079” 2 mm
Maximum Welding Power 460V / 3 phase / 60 Hz 30KVA / 75 A
Compressed Air Supply 80-100 PSI 6 bar

Specifications subject to change without notice

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