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Edge Bending Rotary Machine - Roto-Max 125

Edge Bending Rotary Machine

The Roto-Max 125 is a powerful edge bending rotary machine designed to perform the connection of sheet metal parts.  This machine comes with a standard set of (9) tooling rollers, as listed below.  


Edge Bending & Rotary Bending

Edge bending is a common sheet metal method that uses a wiping die. Edge bending offers a mechanical advantage when forming a bend up to 90 degrees.

Rotary bending uses a cylinder, instead of a wiping die. The groove on the cylinder allows for a range of acute and obtuse bends, less or greater than 90 degrees.  Rotary bending is a new type of mechanism and is gaining popularity in the spiral fitting machine manufacturing industry.


The Roto-Max 125 Capabilities

  • Swaging/Beading Rollers (4 different sizes)
  • Flanging
  • Double Seam
  • Flattening (Knurled)
  • Crimping
  • Square Wheels


Roto-Max 125 Specifications
Maximum sheet thickness, mm 0.05" 1.25 mm
Boom of rollers 8" 50 mm
Distance between rollers’ axes 2" 50 mm
Processing speed, m/min 3 – 30 ft/min from 1-9 M/min
Speed control Infinite Infinite

Specifications subject to change without notice

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