Fitting Machines      Rotary Machine - Roto-Max 175

Edge Forming Rotary Machine - Roto-Max 175

The new generation edge forming rotary machine, Roto-Max 175 is an ideal solution for mass production of chimney and round fittings.

The main advantages of this machine are the compact design, high operating speed, a motor driven upper shaft and solid construction that allows to work with the metal up to 16g. (1.75 mm.)

What sets the Roto-Max 175 apart is an intelligent controller with a microprocessor “SmartSwage”, that supports three operating modes: manual, automatic and “teach” mode.

In the “teach” mode the microprocessor automatically memorizes parameters inserted by the operator (speed and direction of rotation of rollers, the movement of the upper shaft, etc.) After this the machine is switched into the automatic mode to produce similar items. The only function of the operator is in supporting and changing the blanks.

The machine is also equipped with a multi-function foot switch for reversible rotation. This enables  the operator to lead the workpiece with both hands all the time.  See also our other spiral fitting machines offered.

Benefits of Roto-Max 175

  • Compact Design
  • High operating speed
  • Motor driven upper shaft
  • Manual, automatic, and "teach" mode
  • Intelligent controller with microprocessor
  • Multi-function foot switch for reversible rotation
Roto-Max 175-Rotary Machine Specifications
The distance between the centers of shafts 2.48” 63 mm
Working depth max. 10” 250 mm,
Max Material thickness
16 Gauge 1.75 mm
Quick speed range
0-92 ft/min 0 - 28 mpm
Power speed range
0-46 ft/min 0 - 14 mpm
Working height 39.5” 1000 mm
Power 1 HP/230V/1 cycle 0.75/230/50

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