Flat Oval

Flat Oval Duct Equipment

For jobs that require oval pipe, ISM Machinery offers multiple options of flat oval duct equipment to meet your needs - the Oval-Max 1.25 and the Oval-Max Roller 3 & 4 models. 

The flat oval duct machine efficiently turns round spiral duct into flat oval duct, which can be beneficial for when you have substantially less installation space. In comparison to rectangular ducts, flat oval ducts move air more efficiently and have the advantage of fewer site joints and supports.

ISM uses the best proven manufacturing combined with the latest, engineered state-of-the-art-technology to deliver the best flat oval duct machinery in the industry.

Benefits of Flat Oval Ducts

  • Less surface susceptibility to vibration
  • Ideal for situations with limited space
  • Moves air more effeciently
  • Fewer site joints and supports
  • Energy effecient becuase of low air flow resistance
  • Tight structure ensures less air leakages
  • Reduced noise

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